How to measure up


Before you place your order, you need to make sure your new furniture will fit exactly how you would like it in your home, this includes getting it through access points and passages and ensuring it fits proportionally in the room.

How to measure your furniture

You should start with measuring the surface area where you would like the place your new furniture, if it’s a tall piece of furniture like a Wardrobe or display cabinet you should also check the height of the section where it’s to be placed.

It’s usually easier to visualise the size of the furniture if you sketch the plan of room, or area where the furniture will be going, then draw the new piece of furniture onto the plan, usually a scale of 1cm: 0.25m is good to work with.

Once you know the dimensions of the space you have available for the new furniture, your able to choose from thousands of products on our web outlet.

Be sure take into consideration the extra space you may need to use the new furniture, i.e. if you are looking to buying a spring hinged wardrobe the doors will open outwards, you will need space in front of the wardrobe where the doors will swing open (usually the width of 1 door), and a further 40-60cm where you stand, similar you would allow space in front of a chest of drawers where you would pull the drawers out and some space where you would stand.

Other furniture needs space to walk around likes sofas and dining tables and coffee tables.


Getting it into your home

Now that you’re sure the new furniture will fit in the space you want to be in, it’s time to make sure it will go in through the access points and passages.  Remember to measure the width and height of all doorways, hallways, and stairways, including banisters and turns, and don’t forget about obstacles such as radiators, wall and ceiling lights.


Our furniture comes to you in various forms, this include fully assembled, partly assembled or flat pack, for example a divan bed would come to you partly assembled, consisting of the 1 or 2 bases, a mattress and a headboard (optional), similarly a large selection of wardrobes come flat pack, usually consisting of a door pack, side panel pack, fitting pack, trimming pack, base and shelf pack. You need to check that all widths and diagonal depths of the furniture whether assembled, partly assembled or flat pack are less than the access point dimensions.


You can also compare the dimensions of your existing furniture with the one you would like to replace it with. If it was easy to get it and the replacement is the same size then that should go in without problems, if your new furniture is larger you should check what the difference is and how much extra space you have in the passages and access points.